Chose a Professional Dental Service for Your Teeth Whitening Needs!

Many of the food and beverage items we ingest daily can over time stain our teeth. Simply brushing them regularly will not bring them back to their original shade, at this point. What you need is to make a quick visit to a professional dental service provider. If you are in Richmond, VA and looking for quick and reliable teeth whitening, Care First Dental - Affordable Dentist, Medicaid Dentist, Dentures, Extractions & Crowns is the one to visit. We do exceptional work and the results will show in your smile! Our fees are reasonable and our services are acclaimed.

If your teeth got stained with coffee, chocolate or nicotine, and you want to return them to their former glory, Care First Dental - Affordable Dentist, Medicaid Dentist, Dentures, Extractions & Crowns can absolutely provide you with the desired effect. If you are gussying up for a special occasion, like your wedding, and want to look extra good for that day, a big bright smile will go a long way to achieving that. As a special and very effective offer for our Richmond, VA clients, we propose the ZOOM whitening treatment! You can trust our skill when it comes to this and any other professional dental service we offer. We keep all our equipment up to date and invest in only highest quality materials and products.

When you arrive, we will first do a routine examination to determine the general health of your teeth and gums, as well as find out if you have any veneers or crowns, because those might not respond to regular whitening procedures. We know that for the best results we should first provide you with regular teeth cleaning, if necessary. We will then proceed to cover the gums and lips with a protective layer leaving only the teeth exposed. Then we apply the ZOOM hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and expose it to UV light to activate it. The gel will then break down the discoloration leaving your teeth clean and pearly white. We will do this in three 15-minute sessions, so your treatment altogether might last up to an hour depending on prep-work. You will walk out of our office happy and satisfied with your new glistening smile. Some sensitivity may occur for a few hours after the procedure, but we will give you tips and advice on how to minimize these if they occur at all.

Set up an appointment with your local professional dental service provider today! For any information and advice please do not hesitate to call us at (804) 648-1305!

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