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Oral pathology is the study of oral diseases. Many people don’t know how important it is to get a regular detailed oral health checkup. If you’re interested in learning more about the diseases affecting your mouth and how to monitor them, you can turn to Care First Dental - Affordable Dentist, Medicaid Dentist, Dentures, Extractions & Crowns. Our professional team is based in Richmond, VA, and we provide outstanding services to our patients. Book an appointment with a reliable dentist today!

Why Is the Oral Cavity Important?

The human mouth has specific anatomical features that are essential for its proper function. The oral cavity is composed of the teeth, cheeks, gums, and the tongue. The teeth help us eat and speak, and the cheeks, gums, and tongue also have important functions. If there’s a problem with any of these, it can affect the appearance and well-being of our smile.

While it may seem like the main purpose of the teeth is to eat, they also have other important functions. For example, they protect the jawbone and keep it stable. When they’re malnourished and/or decayed, they can compromise the jawbone, which can cause a lot of problems.

The tongue is responsible for taste and smell, and it also plays an important role in speech. If the bacteria on the tongue aren’t balanced, it can cause issues with your sense of taste, which can affect your appetite and food choices. If the bacteria on the tongue aren’t in the right places, it can cause speech issues.

What Are the Different Oral Pathologies?

Oral pathologies come in different varieties and can be divided into two major types: local and systemic. Local diseases affect the outer regions of the mouth, while systemic diseases affect the body as a whole. Local diseases include diseases of the gums, teeth, and cheeks. Systemic diseases include gastrointestinal problems, skin infections, respiratory issues, vision problems, hearing loss, and many others. With 37 years of experience, our dentists are available and experienced enough to give you the proper solution to your oral problems.

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